Program Outputs

Hacettepe University Department of Chemical Engineering Program Outcomes

Our graduates with the knowledge, skills and experience gained during their undergraduate education;

  1. Gain basic knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering and applying this knowledge to complex chemical engineering problems and new technologies.

  2. Able to follow the developments in new technological applications by using databases and other information sources effectively by adopting the importance of lifelong learning.

  3. Able to scale and project the design of a complex system and / or process in chemical engineering under realistic constraints and prepare a design and production report.

  4. Use computer-aided technical drawing skills effectively in chemical engineering design and application.

  5. Able to select and use modern techniques and tools necessary for the solution of complex engineering problems, as well as information and communication technologies together with computer software.

  6. Understands the universal and social effects of engineering solutions and applications.

  7. Have knowledge about entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development.

  8. Design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret the results of the experiments and present them in a written report.

  9. Can make disciplinary and interdisciplinary teamwork.

  10. Have the ability to work independently and have the ability to make independent decisions, they communicates effectively by expressing their ideas in Turkish and English languages verbally and in written, clearly and concisely.

  11. Have the awareness of professional ethics and social responsibility and acts in accordance with the ethical principles.

  12. Have knowledge about the standards used in professional practice and engineering practices such as project planning and organization, quality management, environmental and occupational safety, and are aware of the legal consequences of engineering practices.

  13. Gain basic knowledge in at least one of the fields of Biotechnology, Polymer Science and Technology and Materials Science and Technology, which show rapid development in chemical engineering.