Chemical Engineering is one of the oldest departments of Hacettepe University (1967). Chemical Engineering education was initiated in the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering and in 1971, together with the Chemistry Department, the Department of Chemical Engineering became the part of the newly founded Faculty of Chemistry. The first class of chemical engineers graduated in 1969, the first Master of Science students in 1970 and the first PhD student in 1975. In 1983, according to a new legislation of Higher Education, the Faculty of Chemistry was abolished and Chemical Engineering Department joined the Engineering Faculty. The Department of Chemical Engineering was -and still is- structured in the form of three divisions (namely, Unit Operations and Thermodynamics, Process and Reactor Design, and Chemical Technologies) as foreseen by the Higher Education Law. The academic staff of the department consists of 10 professors,  4 associate professors, 5 assistant professors, 5 lecturers and 10 research assistants.

In 1987, the Department moved to its current premises which has been designed specifically for Process Engineering and has an "interactive" organizational character. First-year students and the most senior faculty members find themselves interacting with each other in the same place under equal conditions. One main building and one annex building of the Department of Chemical Engineering hosts 1 student laboratory, 17 advanced research labs which are open to all undergraduate students to visit and work there, 5 general-purpose laboratories, 1 central analysis laboratory, 9 classrooms, 1 library and 2 computer labs with 39 computers. Since 1997, teaching activities in our department are carried out 100% in English language.

The faculty members of the Department of Chemical Engineering have always been at the forefront of the developments in Hacettepe University. Moreover, the Department with the courses that provide the expertise in the areas of Biotechnology, Polymer Science and Technology, or Materials Science and Technology, and with a teaching programme including contemporary concepts and training/practices in the areas like Computer Programming, Total Quality Management, Environment and Safety etc., train chemical engineers to be leaders in their profession. In addition, the Department, accredited by MÜDEK (Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs), offers students minor studies in other fields as well as training and internship opportunities in Germany and other European countries through student exchange programs such as Erasmus+, IAESTE and others.

The Department of Chemical Engineering, known to be active in the “Partnership Programme of the Chemical Engineering Departments in Ankara” held every four years, is also admired for activities such as H.U. Department of Chemical Engineering Cantürk Alagöz Achievement Awards, Prof. Dr. Abdurrahman Tanyolaç Creative Entrepreneurship Project Competition Awards for Young Engineers, the Process Design Project Competition Awards held every year, Graduate Panel, and the Thursday Seminars. At the Alumni Day held every year, which has now become traditional, the old and the new graduates meet with each other and strengthen their relationships with the Department.