Mission and Vision


H.U. Department of Chemical Engineering’s vision can be summarized as;

  • To be an institution of education which is known and respected in national and international platforms in the field of chemical engineering,
  • To educate chemical engineers who are leaders in their profession by principles of education, research and application,
  • To create an atmosphere of education and work which contains newly developped technologies of chemical engineering, which is friendly and based on cooperation,
  • To be in a position of acceptance by all over the world in perfection at the research areas of especially biotechnology, material science, polymer and nanotechnology



  • In undergraduate and graduate programs of chemical engineering to educate appropriate to international standards, to provide high qualified education (such as to be able to do a computer supported process design, speak foreign language well) and to educate chemical engineers who have additional qualities,
  • For qualified research to be permanent to create physical conditions and facilities and with the research to make important contributions to the literature of chemical engineering,
  • To be in continuous and close collaboration with industry and to have the ability to solve the problems of industry that are imparted,

are determined as mission of the department.